Pokey Grits

Okay, so I didn't have any images for you of yesterday's dinner, so I'm making it up to you with breakfast grits today. Jalapeno Sharp Cheddar Grits-Cakes with Pokey Egg and just Plucked Pear Tomatoes to be exact. It was decadent.It's days like this that remind me how much I enjoy cooking. I woke up and wondered (again) what I can eat that would be healthy and comforting at the same time. (Those two go together like repelling magnetic poles generally). I remembered the extra grits in the fridge from last night, that I had rolled out into a flat circle about 3/4 inch thick. I had four little pie-chart pieces. I took the two and threw them into a pan with a scant 1/2 tsp olive oil. I was hesistant that they would hold together, but walking away does wonders for an anxious mind. So, walk away I did, until I could smell them gaining crust. I flipped them over and put a decadent bronze over the other side. I slid them out onto my plate and slid an egg into the small warm pan and began to make a Pokey Egg. I call it a Pokey Egg because well, I honestly can't keep the styles of eggs retained in this brain. And I'd hate to end up with something other than I want at a restaurant, therefore Pokey Egg — gets it right everytime. Kind of stuck I guess.

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Shandy said...

Well, okay. . . I see how it is. You have beaten me to the all intrusive *blog*. I started mine and am still working on it. Okay, yep, I started it day before yesterday and already forgot to type under construction. Bummer. Love the pictures! Almost makes me want to go make something breakfasty with eggs. I am still learning to like eggs. My blog that I have yet to get looking like a blog is passionate pastry.blogspot.com *and* I am dying to join the daring bakers. They do a baking challenge every month and then post the results all on the same day. Love a challenge. I am so excited, I have good news to tell you BUT I think I will email you through our group recipes site! I am still working on learning this blog thing. Myspace is totally over my head. You have NO idea! :D


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