Well I never let you know - but I've been without a functioning camera lens for quite awhile. And, to be honest, I was not digging on blogging without an image to put to it.

Enter my beloved B. He truly knows when to show up and make my day. He surprised me with a new lens so I could get back to bloggin (and cooking!)

We've been working out most days each week and it's really changed how we're living. Getting up at 5 am is a regular occurance. Coffee is a reward for a hard workout. And now it's time to start changing our food to be a bit lighter. It only makes sense.

I found this wonderful recipe for this cornmeal dish. It's light and extravagant. It's lush and bright.

Grilled Polenta With Garlic-Tomato Sauce

3 cups vegetable broth
1.5 c cornmeal
2 tablespoons butter
minced small onion
2 on -the-vine tomatoes
olive oil
salt & pepper
snipped chives

1 piece of bread (gf or regular)
1 garlic clove
1/2 c walnuts
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1/4 cup olive oil

1. Bring stock to boil and add cornmeal, stir till thickened a bit (around 4 minutes) and stir in butter and onions. Pour into a lightly greased baking sheet and spread evenly. Let cool.

2. Tear the bread into pieces place in a bowl with a bit of water, let soak 5 minutes. Squeeze the water out of the bread, set aside. Pound garlic & a sprinkle of salt until it forms a paste. Add walnuts, continue working the paste. Add the bread, then lemon juice, working each one in until fully incorporated. Drizzle in the olive oil until the sauce becomes thick.

3. Heat up your grill or use a stove-top grill pan.

4. Cut polenta into squares or triangles and brush with olive oil on each side.

5. Slice tomatoes in 6 pieces. Toss in olive oil.

6. Cook the polenta and tomatoes until you get a decent crust on the polenta and the tomatoes have softened. This takes about 4 minutes.

7. Plate your grilled polenta, top with tomatoes and pour the garlic-walnut sauce over the whole she-bang.


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