Holy Mother of Mary

I do believe the gods have been holding out on me. I'm from the midwest, or moreso, the Northern state of Minnesota. So once I found out I needed to branch out and try new grains... I was happily tempted by the goldenrod colour of Stone Ground Grits. Woo me, they did. Especially when I found out people make cheesey-jalapeno style ones.

These were fantastic! I mean, truly far better tasting than any macaroni and cheese dish that's passed my lips. I made them alongside a French Onion & Leek Soup. Unbelievable. I was so excited to eat tonight that I forgot to take a snapshot of them for you. But — worry not, I'll be making them again very soon and will take a wondrous shot of me spooning them into my mouth.


Lina said...
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diego said...

These were indeed delicious... I still love a good Mac & Cheese, but I wouldn't mind eating this instead... yum!


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