I know I'm sensitive, but a wheat sensitivity? What? Damn.

I haven't posted for a while. To be honest with you, I'm working hard on a new site I've been designing (oh I forgot to tell you I'm a Designer) for a new cereal that is launching in the market next week. I also just found out that I have wheat sensitivity that may be contributing to the stress-tension and migraine headaches that I've been experiencing since my early teen years. Oh joy! Thank God that the headaches might go away, right? So sad! Because I just realized that my chosen restrictive diet just got pummeled with the need for change. I am choosing to focus on the challenge of cooking the best wheat free, vegetarian but easily adaptable food for anyone that I can.

And know the funny part of it all? That cereal website I've been working so damn hard on for the past 9 months -seriously, I could have made a baby in that time? It's made with whole grains.


Paula said...

I've met more and more people with Celiac disease lately. I sure hope this helps you feel better! I'll let you know when I come across gluten-free information. :)

lollya said...

thanks paula. i am actually not Celiac diagnosed. it is more of an allergy to wheat, which gives me migraines. thank you for all of your support!


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