What I'm Cooking This Coming Week

I have to admit that I spend way too much time nose deep in cookbooks figuring out recipes to cook each week. From the chosen recipes, I create a grocery list - by the layout of our local store. I KNOW! It's sick, but extremely efficient. Here's this week's menu.

What I'm Cooking This Week:

Wild Rice & Dried Cherry Soup
Red Bean Kiev
Asparagus & Lemon Cream Spaghetti
Rustic Minestrone
Chickpea Salad
Orange & Almond Dessert Cakes

On deck for this weekend: African Red Pepper Peanut Soup
Since B. will be spending boy time in the woods, I will make one of my favorites.

UPDATE: 10.25, 7:44 pm: African Red Pepper Peanut Soup is in my belly. Delicious.
10.28 asparagus & lemon cream farfalle consumed.

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