On Being Spontaneous

The best results sometimes come from spontaneously throwing something together out of what you have. We do that a lot in my house - one because I like to make things up to feel like a real chef, and two - I'm not one to run to the store over slight imperfections in ingredients on hand. It may be the only place in my life where I am truly spontaneous. ::wink::

So this is based off from my favorite mac and cheese recipe, which I have yet to share. I will post that here soon. I just wanted to get this up. I'm really wanting to share my food with others since the interest is high right now. This version substituted traditional Gruyere and Parmesan with what was in my cheesebox - Aged Gouda and Parmesan.

The GF pasta dish turned out SO well - I even used GF breadcrumbs and it was very hard to tell the difference from my original recipe. Yay for GF individuals everywhere.

The dish is plated with a version of my favorite salad as of late. That too shall come...

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